Our goal is to help youth and families struggling with negative emotions,
like irritability and anxiety. Through investigating the origins of negative emotions in the brain,
we use what we and others learn to develop and improve treatments.
— The Emotion and Development Lab (EDL)

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  • The Emotion and Development​ Lab studies the neurocognitive basis of emotional disorders in children and adolescents. Led by Joel Stoddard, MD, we are developing new behavioral treatments based on this work.

    Dr. Stoddard began his work in affective neuroscience through describing the phenotypic overlap between pediatric anxiety and irritability, followed by a large study of the shared and unique effects of each dimension—anxiety and irritability—on neural responses to social threat. This work then led to his development and feasibility testing of a cognitive retraining therapy for severe irritability that targets interpretations of social threat.

  • Joel Stoddard on the treatment of disruptive mood disorder.